Telephone Advice Service

Telephone Advice Service

Have a difficult question? Not sure where to find the answer?

Why not try our TELEPHONE ADVICE SERVICE. For only £30 you will be able to communicate directly with an immigration specialist either by telephone (also email or Skype) and obtain expert legal advice. For on the spot immigration advice the telephone advice service is ideal. Whether its general guidance or solving a more complex issue, we can help.

We are fully licensed and accredited by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) and have a thorough knowledge of all key legislation, up-to-date rules, regulations and UK Visa and Immigration policy and procedures, including the five tier points-based system.

We have a thorough track record of successfully advising clients and with our expertise can give you the ready answers you need.

With our telephone advice service you get:
  • One-off advice over the telephone or by email or Skype.
  • Direct access to a specialist immigration lawyer.
  • Advice on eligibility and evidence in support.
  • Full discretion and client confidentiality.
  • Expert legal advice at a price you can afford.

To take advantage of this service, simply complete our contact form and briefly explain your query in writing. We will look at your details, then contact you to arrange a telephone, email or skype conference at your convenience.

If after receiving our one-off service you decide you wish to go ahead with an immigration application, then you can upgrade to our application service and get your money back. When you have already paid for your one-off advice, you will be credited to the application service so that you will only pay the difference.

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