Rights of Access

Rights of Access

If your child lives in the UK and is British or has Indefinite Leave to Remain, you can make an application to live in the UK based on your relationship with your child.

This application is only for people who are not in a relationship with the child’s other parent, and if the child isn’t already living with you, you have to show that the person with whom your child lives is either British or has Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Just having a child living in the UK isn’t enough – you need to show either that you have sole responsibility for your child, or that you have the right of access to the child (this can either be a formal arrangement, through the courts, or an informal arrangement, between you and the child’s other parent).

You also need to be able to demonstrate that you take an active part in your child’s life.

This application can be made from the UK or from overseas.  You can apply for settlement after five years.


You are free to take any employment you like on this visa, but not to access public funds.  You must show that you are able to maintain yourself in the UK, and that you have suitable accommodation arranged, when you apply for your visa.

If you are not a national of an English speaking country, and don’t have a degree that was taught in English, you need to have passed the Speaking and Listening elements of an approved English test at level A1 CEFR.

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