Consultation Service

Consultation Service

For a small fee we offer you our professional immigration CONSULTATION SERVICE. If you decide afterwards to proceed with an immigration application then your consultation costs will be deducted from your APPLICATION SERVICE fee so only the difference is payable. The CONSULTATION SERVICE is recommended if you need a full legal assessment of your circumstances because you are unsure of your available options or whether you are eligible to make an immigration application.

Before you submit an expensive application to UK Visas and Immigration, it is highly advisable to speak to an immigration expert so that you can be sure of your eligibility or potential risks. We will advise you as to the right application, what documents you will need, the application procedure, timescales, fees and overall prospects of success. This advice will be confirmed to you in writing afterwards.

Immigration Street Legal are fully licensed and accredited by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) and have a thorough knowledge of all key legislation, up-to-date rules and regulations and UK Visa and Immigration policy and procedures, including the five tier points-based system. We have an excellent track record of successfully advising clients and with our expertise on your side you can maximise your chances of success.
If you would like to take advantage of our CONSULTATION SERVICE please call 07596 408273 to speak directly with an immigration expert. We will then take basic details and arrange an appointment for a face-to-face consultation.

Alternatively just complete our on-screen CONSULTATION FORM, briefly explain your matter, and leave us your telephone or email details and any preferred appointment time. Then click submit. We will look at your details and contact you shortly to finalise arrangements.

If you cannot attend our offices in person then we can offer you either our HOME & WORKPLACE SERVICE or you could try our TELEPHONE ADVICE SERVICE

Having received our CONSULTATION SERVICE you may decide to go ahead with an immigration application. In this case you can UPGRADE to our APPLICATION SERVICE. The money paid for your consultation will then be credited toward your APPLICATION SERVICE fee. In other words you get your money back for your consultation.

With our face-to-face consultation service, you will get:
  • Direct access to a specialist immigration lawyer
  • A detailed consultation for your proposed application
  • Advice on eligibility and evidence in support
  • Legal advice confirmed in writing
  • Full discretion and client confidentiality
  • Expert legal advice at an affordable price

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